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I can’t believe that I started TFMS when I was 3 in CASA and I graduated Grade 8 because time passed quickly. I have great memories with school friends who I still keep in touch with, to this day. What I really remember is how TFMS teachers and Mme Marie always made sure that I could work at my own pace. I really enjoyed the way we were taught Mathematics and how I really understood learning with Montessori method, which helps me to this day as I have always had top marks while at TFMS and at my current high school.

I can also remember how the entire Casa class would sit together and have music class and music class was available every year. Learning music at an early age made me appreciate music and I learned how to play a bass guitar on my own. The small classes helped me because I would get help all the time. I can compare this now with larger class sizes at my current high school and sometimes teachers just don’t have the time to help.

​TFMS teachers and Mme Marie always taught us to respect others, younger students and elders. I will always remember TFMS and how it helped me develop skills academically and as an individual. Thank you TFMS teachers and Mme Marie I wish all the best for TFMS.  | Mathew Pronyshyn

My son Matthew Pronyshyn started at age 3 and graduated Grade 8 during those 10 years he was able to acquire knowledge both academically and learn
​the skills needed in music, sports and social skills, which made him confident in his abilities as he now excels in all academics in both French and English.
​Matthew can play 3 instruments and has joined karate and attends the gym regularly and has a well rounded circle of friends. Thank you TFMS | Maggy Nagy

This is our first year at the TFMS. My family and I would like to thank Madame Marie, Madame Lily, and all the staff members for helping us settle into our new environment so smoothly.

We are blessed to have found this very remarkable school which emphasizes the importance of character building, as well as academic achievement and spiritual growth.

The teachers are truly dedicated to loving and taking care of each student, and each morning we are welcomed with a smile.
We thank you for your commitment to our child, and wish you continued growth and success.   | Lutz Family

Many many years ago, I was looking for that one perfect school that was going to help my daughter become the best girl she can ever be. She was four; so I thought it had to be safe and protective, it had to feel welcoming and it had to promote learning. It also had to teach both English and French. I walked into TFMS. I was greeted with Mme Marie's inviting smile and I saw the Casa students quietly enjoying each their own Montessori material. I saw interest. I heard "please" and "thank you". I felt the respect. It really felt like this was it.

Both my daughters have been at the school from a pre-school age. I never felt bad for being a working mom because every time I came to pick them up, they still wanted to stay longer. They loved their friends and their teachers and always came excited to tell me about the new things they learned at school.

As they grew older, I could see them develop, more and more, a sense of commitment and responsibility when having to complete assignments and projects. They felt they had to spend as much time as needed to produce the best work they could. I don't know how the teachers do it, but it amazes me how much pride my kids take when receiving a teacher's compliment for good work. They somehow inspire them in a profound way. I never have to
tell them to do any homework. They know what they have to do and they won't be able to sleep until it's done.   | Hela Fourati

I wanted stability and continuity for my daughter so I had to make sure that I enrolled her in the right school where she was going to be happy.
The parent in me needed for her to be in a school where her teachers liked her as much as I did and were open to communication with me at all times.
​The teacher in me – I’m a high school teacher – needed for her to be in a school that offered a strong curriculum tied in with Ministry expectations so that she could leave TFMS and be successful in high school. As both a parent and a teacher, I know that it is the principal who serves as the barometer within a school. The principal sets the tone and creates the learning climate. On behalf of my daughter and my husband, we wanted to take this moment to thank
Claire’s teachers, support staff and administration over the years.

You’ve far exceeded our expectations and for that we are sincerely grateful. Thank you very much.   | Ann McCanny, Alumna Parent

Alumni and Parents'  Reflections