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Hot Lunch Program 2017-2018

This program ensures that the children receive nutritious food that helps them through their busy day.

This daily lunch will be delivered by a catering company that specializes in food for children. It is fresh and varies daily. Also, these lunches will be served at their right temperatures, ensuring their quality. Thus, the TFMS students of age 5 and under are required to participate in our lunch program.

You will receive a menu detailing the food items that will be served. The menu is subject to change periodically. We will keep you updated.

The yearly cost for the HOT LUNCH PROGRAM is $1,498.00

The school provides 2 plans only for paying the Hot lunch Program:

Plan 1:  One payment in full:    1 Post-dated:    September 1, 2017    Amount: $1,498.00 

Plan 2:  Two equal payments:
​1st Post-dated:  September 1, 2017  Amount: $ 749.00
2nd Post-dated: February 1, 2018  Amount: $ 749.00 

Occasional Daily Hot Lunch rate: $8.50/day